In this article, I am going to give some information about transaction management in the spring framework, Before I start, I would like to touch on the keywords that we will mention a lot.

Transaction Management in Spring Framework

What are Commit and Rollback ?

When we have made any data manipulation, the databases are waiting for our approval in the “UPDATE” and “INSERT” transactions. The word we use to confirm the transactions is called “COMMIT” in the SQL language. Thanks to this word, we say that we want to confirm our insert or update operations. …

In this article, I will share detailed information about object-oriented programming and talk about OOP basic terminologies and OOP concepts.

OOPs Concepts

What is object-oriented programming? (OOP)

Object-oriented programming is a form of programming that allows programmers to think as if they are working with real-life entities or objects. In real life, people have knowledge and can do a variety of jobs. In OOP, objects have fields to store information/state/data and use methods to do various things.

Basic Terminologies


It is an instance of a class and is a worker entity.


It is an outline of what an object can do and its capacity.


It contains the behaviors of…

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